Is Your Conservatory Too Hot?

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During the all-too-short summer months un-insulated conservatories are just too-hot to be comfortably used and are almost always forgotten spaces in our homes. Alternatively, we open all of the doors and rush through them to get to our gardens.

Glare and too much light, in conjunction with the insufferable temperatures means that they are simply not enjoyable spaces.

The problem lies with the roofing materials.


Glass and plastic roofs are just not designed to repel the heat from the sun. So, as the sun's radiated heat increases during the day,  the temperature in our conservatories rises to unbearable levels.

The simplest and most cost-effective solution is to add an insulated ceiling.


An insulated ceiling ensures that the heat is from the sun is repelled by the new insulation.  We also plaster and paint your new ceiling so it becomes a proper room in your home.


Your conservatory is quickly and simply converted to a usable room for dining, relaxing, much needed office space, a play-room or simply as an added, usable space that links seamlessly to the rest of your home.


Don’t suffer a too-hot conservatory any longer, just contact us for a free estimate to convert your too-hot conservatory to a beautiful usable room.

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