Our Story

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In May 2018 I was sitting in a friend's conservatory. It was a sunny day and the conservatory, whilst bright and light, was uncomfortably hot.

We started chatting about how often she was able to sit in there to enjoy her garden, read books and generally enjoy that space. It turned out that the answer was very rarely, mainly because the conservatory was always too hot, too cold or too bright. Even reading, she said, required sunglasses.

So I offered to insulate her existing plastic roof and started researching the methods, work involved and costs. (see technical for more info about the work involved)

A few months later, and after successful completion and the transformation of her conservatory into a year-round sitting room, my friend had told her friends and they wanted the conversion done too.... and this was just the start of our story.

Having completed conversions to all types of conservatories we know that what we do makes a huge difference to householders.

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